YRK guerrilla Kemal Şaho: Success will be ours!

YRK guerrilla Kemal Şaho said that the Kurdish people are under genocidal attacks in all four parts of Kurdistan and added: "We believe that we, as guerrillas, will definitely win. The success will be ours, not the enemy's."

East Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) guerrilla Kemal Şaho, who was born in Hewraman and joined the guerrilla ranks in the same city, talked about the invasion attacks against Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. Guerrilla Şaho defined the attack and occupation carried out on the territory of Kurdistan today as a policy of destruction of the Kurdish people. Guerrilla Şaho said that the invading and genocidal Kurdish enemies are attacking the lands of Kurdistan from all sides and added: "They want to break the will of the free Kurds with these attacks. We see an increase in the attacks against our people and our country in all four parts of Kurdistan. This clearly shows that these attacks can happen in Rojava, Bashur, Bakur and Rojhilat. If you are not a collaborator Kurd, you are the target of the invaders. The invading forces are not only engaged in military attacks. They are attacking our people and our lands in the political, social and most importantly cultural field. After the occupation, we saw that the demographic structure was changed in many parts of Kurdistan."

We will resist all attacks

Guerrilla Şaho said that the freedom guerrillas will resist the invasion attacks with an Apoist spirit, called on all the youth in Kurdistan to stand by the guerrillas during this process, and ended his speech as follows: "The Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan are under genocidal attacks, we should all stand up and respond to this. The Kurdish people have determination, ideas and philosophy. And this is thanks to Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. That's why I call on young people to claim their lands and lead a free and dignified life. This should be done in the mountains of Kurdistan and by joining the ranks of freedom. This is necessary to be able to respond to this process, defeat the enemy and ensure success. We believe that guerrillas will definitely win. Success will be ours, not the enemy's."