YRK guerrilla Kobanê: Victory will be secured by the unity of the people and the guerrillas

YRK guerrilla Karo Kobanê said that the guerrilla should be supported against the invasion attacks and added: "The victory of the Kurds will be achieved with the unity of the people and the guerrilla. The time is today, tomorrow may be too late."

Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) guerrilla Karo Kobanê spoke about the Turkish state's attacks and the Bazên Zagrosê offensive. Karo Kobanê confirmed that there was a great resistance in the Medya Defense Areas and added: "This war may be waged in the mountains of Kurdistan today under the leadership of guerrillas. But in reality, this war is going on all over Kurdistan.”

Guerrilla Kobanê said: “The main aim of the enemy is to destroy the Kurdish people. As it is known, the existence of the guerrilla means the existence of the identity of the Kurdish people. This is not the first time our enemy has attacked the people and guerrillas. That's why everyone needs to know the truth about this war and establish a Kurdish unity to counter this war."

Referring to the isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, guerrilla Karo Kobanê continued: "The enemy wants to break the will of the Kurdish people through isolation. But the resistance of the leadership brought the enemies to their knees. We will resist all the attacks of the enemy until the end. We will join the guerrilla ranks to save our lands from the occupation. In this process, it is very important that the people and the guerrillas come together and resist together, because the people cannot exist without the guerrillas, and the guerrillas are the children of this people.”

Guerrilla Kobanê continued: “We must do whatever we can. In particular, our people in South and North Kurdistan need to stand by the guerrillas more, with great anger and a great sense of revenge against the enemy. Kurdish youth should also fulfil their duties for their country and join the guerrilla ranks. The victory of the Kurds will be achieved with the unity of the people and the guerrilla. Everyone needs to know this. Today is the time, tomorrow may be too late."