YRK guerrilla martyred in Turkish UCAV attack in Asos region

The East Kurdistan Defence Units (YRK) announced that guerrilla fighter Şervan Rojda was martyred in a drone attack by the occupying Turkish state in the Asos region.

The Press and Publication Centre of the East Kurdistan Defence Units (YRK) announced that guerrilla Şervan Rojda (Sanî Îmanî) was martyred in a bombardment carried out by a Turkish UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) in the Asos region on 30 December 2023.

The YRK statement on Wednesday said: “Sanî Îmanî was born in Maku city of East Kurdistan. Like every child in Kurdistan, he grew up under persecution, occupation and injustice. For this reason, he searched for a free life since his childhood. As he grew up, his patriotic feelings led him to seek a free life. A guerrilla grew up with stories of heroism and some members of his family had already fallen as martyrs in the guerrilla ranks. After the martyrdom of Martyr Rojda Zagros, one of his close relatives, he decided to join the struggle. For this reason, he took the name Şervan Rojda and joined the ranks of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas.”

The statement continued: “Having got to know about life in a short time, Şervan Rojda was there wherever necessary. He received continuous training to become a real militant and stood out with his efforts. With his high morale, he won a place in the hearts of his companions and was a popular person. He fought with determination for APO's [Abdullah Öcalan’s] freedom until the end. He continued to fight in our ranks until his martyrdom.”

YRK pointed out that: “As the East Kurdistan Defence Units, we express our condolences to the family of our comrade Şervan Rojda and to all the patriotic people of Kurdistan. At the same time, we promise once again that we will continue to follow in the footsteps of our martyrs until victory.”

The identity information of the fallen guerrilla fighter is as follows:

Name and Surname: Sani Imani

Nom de Guerre: Shervan Rojda

Place and Date of Participation: 2022-Maku

Place and Date of Martyrdom: 30/12/2023-Asos