Zeyneb Murad warns of Turkish occupation of South Kurdistan

KNK chair Zeyneb Murad warned of a Turkish occupation of South Kurdistan and called for the defense of Kurdish achievements.

The Turkish state has been expanding its occupation in South Kurdistan for years with the help of Barzani’s party, the KDP.

Turkish troops carry out identity checks, build military bases and attack villages and mountains. Since 17 April 2022, the Turkish army has been trying to gain control of the mountains of South Kurdistan. But the guerrillas are holding out fierce resistance against the Turkish occupation. In recent days, Turkish troops have been deployed to Amêdî. People were forced to flee many villages in the region due to the soldiers and air strikes, while Kurds in many places around the world are protesting against the collaboration of the corrupt, nepotistic South Kurdish ruling party KDP with Turkish fascism. The co-chair of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), Zeyneb Murad, spoke to the Mezopotamya news agency about the developments in the region.

"The status of Southern Kurdistan is in great danger"

Zeyneb Murad said that the Turkish army had transported both its own troops and paramilitaries, so-called village guards, to the region. She said: "The Turkish state has been trying to occupy the border region for several years, but this process has entered a new phase in the last month. The Turkish state is now expanding these attacks miles into the country. Every day we see hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles and village guards being moved into the region and stationed in the villages from which the population has been expelled. Silence is very dangerous. Neither the Kurdish government representatives nor the Iraqi central government say anything about it. Therefore, the status of South Kurdistan is in great danger. Turkey's attacks are being carried out in alliance between the central government and the southern Kurdish government."

Tripartite alliance to occupy Kurdistan

Murad warned: "Everyone sees this reality, but no position is being taken. Turkey's alliances with the Iraqi central government and the southern Kurdish government are important to consider. Recently, Mesud Barzani visited Baghdad. This meeting took place at a very sensitive time. This means that the expansion of Turkish attacks is taking place with the knowledge of the governments in Baghdad and Hewlêr [Erbil]. It is a great danger for our people."

Murad pointed out the connection with the rapprochement attempts between Ankara and Damascus and explained: "They want to destroy the achievements that our people have fought for with great sacrifices. The plans are also aimed at South Kurdistan. Everyone must recognize this reality. Turkey's goal is to destroy every achievement of the Kurds. In this sense, Turkey is also trying to ally itself with Assad. They are prepared to risk everything to destroy the Kurds. This alliance robbed the Kurds of everything a century ago with the Treaty of Lausanne, and the same thing is being done again now. In 1975, the Treaty of Algiers was signed between Iraq and Iran. Iran and Iraq allied themselves to prevent the Kurdish revolution. These are all historical facts from which we must learn lessons.”

“A mobilization offensive must now begin”

Murad spoke of an agreement between Hewlêr, Baghdad and Ankara to occupy Kurdistan and said: “This alliance will bring great dangers. Therefore, a strong and clear stance is required. We say that we have the strength to mobilize all our political, military and diplomatic forces. We must prevent the plan to occupy the Kurdistan region. In our meetings and activities at the international level, we have found that Turkey's behavior worries everyone. However, they remain silent because of their own interests. Now is the time for all Kurds to mobilize. We need a political decision for our people. Let us all protect Kurdistan and its achievements. Let us oppose these occupation plans with a national stance.”