13 dead of coronavirus in the Spanish State in the last week

Spain continues to record new coronavirus outbreaks less than a week after the government lifted the state of alarm and the restrictions on movement that came with it.

The Spanish Health Ministry said last Thursday that around 12 active coronavirus outbreaks had been detected across the country.

A day later, the regional government of Andalusia announced three new outbreaks, two in Granada with three and five cases each, and one in Almería with four cases, for a total of eight outbreaks in the region.

In the northwestern region of Galicia, authorities were investigating possible ties between an outbreak in LA Mariña and isolated cases detected in the same area.

In a week there have been 13 dead in the Spanish state where a total of 28.343 people of died because of the coronavirus. 

Twelve new cases were detected in Santander and in a meat factory in Valencia.

Last Sunday a Red Cross emergency refugee center in Málaga detected its first case of coronavirus  the number of infections has continued to rise: from nine on Tuesday to 15 on Wednesday to 89 on Thursday. This is the largest rise recorded in the 40 or so outbreaks detected in Spain since the beginning of the deescalation process.