17 Syrian soldiers killed in attacks by Turkish-backed gangs

Turkish-backed gangs attacked regime positions and reportedly killed 17 regime soldiers.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced that gang groups attacked two Syrian regime positions to the south and southwest of Aleppo last night.


One of the attacks was in Zimar and Herish to the south of Aleppo, carried out by the gang group Haris al Deen. Clashes ensued.

The second attack was in Xan Toman to the southwest of Aleppo, by Jaysh Omar Bin Xetab gangs. Clashes broke out after the attack and an airstrike was carried out in the region.


17 regime soldiers were killed in the attacks and 30 others were wounded. 8 gang members were killed in the attacks as well.


Russian jets bombed the rural areas of Hama and Idlib last night. Airstrikes were carried out in Al Amqiya village twice, and in Al Ankawi village in the Gab Plains and the Kokba village near the Shehshiba Mountain.