21 people remain in custody in Istanbul

The detention period of 21 people taken into custody in Istanbul was extended by one day.

During the police political operations carried out in 28 cities, including Istanbul, Amed, Adana and Antep, many people, including members of the Peace Mothers' Assembly and members of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Assembly, were taken into custody.

Those detained in Istanbul were taken to the Istanbul Provincial Police Department, where they learned that they had been taken into custody on the grounds of "membership in a terrorist organization". A confidentiality decision was applied to the file.

The detention period for 21 people held at the police station was extended by one day.

The names of some of those detained are as follows:

“Justice Vigil activists Kumri Akgül and Gülsüm Öztürk, Peace Mothers Fatma Yılmaz and Bedia Gökguz, Women's Time Association President Dilek Başalan, DEM Party Women's Council member Beser Çelik, Free Women's Movement (TJA) activists Vetha Bingöl and Suna Kaymaz, HDP Gever (Yüksekova) ) former District Co-chair Selcan Saygı, Mesopotamia Culture Association (MKM) artists Dilan Suyu and Zehra Suyu, Sıhat Yılmaz, Şükran Tugay, Gönül Karaman and Yusuf Açar, Birgül Muhikancı, Nezihe Işık, Pervin Tumbul, Tülay Güler, Remzi Çelik, Zübeyde Aktay. ”