25-day march from Paris to Strasbourg to demand 'Freedom for Öcalan, Justice for Kurds’

CDK-F and TJK-F are organising a 25-day march from Paris to Strasbourg with the slogan "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, Justice for Kurds".

The Democratic Kurdish Council of France (CDK-F) and the Kurdish Women's Movement in France (TJK-F) are launching a grand "Freedom March" for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been held captive in Imrali island since 1999 as a result of an international conspiracy and has been in absolute isolation for three years.

The march, which is planned as part of the international campaign "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question", will start with the slogan "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, Justice for Kurds".

25 days representing 25 years

The march from Paris to Strasbourg, which is planned to be held for 25 days representing 25 years, will advance through 25 different regions in Northern France.

On all the march routes, the world public and local people will be informed about the aggravated isolation and 25 years of physical captivity of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan through agitation activities. In addition, diplomatic visits will be made to various non-governmental organisations, human rights associations, political parties and thought-research institutions to inform them about the purpose of the work.

A first in Europe

Speaking to ANF on behalf of the organising committee, Azad Kaya stated that the action is of great importance as it is the first grand march to be held in France. Kaya continued, "We are doing something that has not been done in France before. 25 days is a long time, and we believe that we will get results if we work effectively. There is great resistance in İmralı. This resistance is also strongly embraced in the Medya Defence Zones. Now it is the turn of us Kurds living in Europe. It is time to embrace this resistance strongly and lead it to victory. For this reason, we expect the strongest participation of all our people in this "Freedom March", which we will organise for the first time.

March route

The route plan is as follows:

22.01 : Paris (Rue La Fayette - Nation) 

23.01 : Paris (Invalides - République) 

24.01 : Lorient 

25.01 : Vannes 

26.01 : Nantes 

27.01 : Rennes 

28.01 : Rouen 

29.01 : Mantes-la-Jolie 

30.01 : Les Mureaux 

31.01 : Melun 

01.02 : Ris-Orangis/Grigny 

02.02 : Villeneuve Saint-George 

03.02 : Saint-Denis 

04.02 : La Courneuve 

05.02 : Drancy 

06.02 : Villiers-Le-Bel 

07.02 : Sarcelles 

08.02 : Creil 

09.02 : Compiègne 

10.02 : Amiens 

11.02 : Saint-Quentin 

12.02 : Soissons 

13.02 : Reims 

14.02 : Metz 

15.02 : Strasbourg 


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