31-year-old Yazidi man stabbed to death in car in Germany

A 31-year-old Yazidi man from northern Iraq has been found in the town of Bad Zwischenahn in Lower Saxony with fatal stab wounds in a car. Two suspects were arrested over the incident.

A 31-year-old Yazidi man was found with fatal stab wounds in a car in the German town of Bad Zwischenahn, Lower Saxony. Police and rescue services had first been called to a traffic accident late Thursday evening, only to find out an argument between three people, according to Oldenburg police. At the scene of the crime, they found the man, who came from northern Iraq, in the driver's seat of a VW Tiguan, where the Yazidi man died despite attempts at resuscitation.

A 42-year-old man and his 28-year-old wife were provisionally arrested at the scene. The suspects are Syrian citizens, the police said. In addition, a pocket knife was seized from the man. It was not immediately clear whether this was the murder weapon. It came out that the traffic accident reported to the police did not exist at all.

According to witnesses, another person may have been involved in the incident; a 36-year-old man who was at the scene of the crime but later fled. Whether the man in question was an accomplice or another victim is still being investigated.

The police also used a helicopter and a dog in the search for the 36-year-old. A trace found at the crime scene has led to an asylum seeker's accommodation.

While the background of the crime was initially unclear, police and public prosecutors are investigating the incident. Until Friday morning, the police were still busy with forensics at the crime scene.