Actions by RiseUp4Rojava campaign all around the world

On September 6, actions have started all around the world in solidarity with the revolution of Rojava and against Turkish fascism, through the RiseUp4Rojava campaign.

The international campaign RiseUp4Rojava - smash Turkish fascism sent a strong signal of international solidarity on the first day of action days from 6 to 7 September, combining anti-militarist actions in numerous countries.

On the first day yesterday, there have been numerous creative actions against weapons manufacturers, financial institutions and other war profiteers supporting the murderous AKP / MHP regime in their occupation plans and wars against the Kurdish liberation movement.

In Germany, Catalonia, Italy, Sweden, Sweden and Great Britain there were direct interventions against the daily machinery of war and the imperialist system.


In Germany, the plant of the largest German weapons company Rheinmetall was occupied in Unterlüß, Lower Saxony, for more than 24 hours. All access roads to the factory site have been blocked by hundreds of people in all directions. The shift changes could not be carried out at Rheinmetall and the production had to be stopped. Blockade actions also occurred in London against the large arms fair DSEI. Activists chained themselves on the streets and blocked military equipment, there was as well as an event about Rojava and ecology in front of the exhibition center.


In Italy, creative action was taken to highlight the murderous business of combat helicopter manufacturer Leonardo and UniCredit Bank in the Italian city of Brescia, as well as banner actions in Florence and a demonstration in Bari. In Switzerland there was a rally in front of the RUAG, a weapons company that has equipped the Islamic state with hand grenades and in Lucerne in front of the seat of Andritz, which is involved in the construction of the dam ILISU in Turkey and thus guilty of crimes against nature and the destruction of Hasankeyf, the historical heritage site of humanity. The city of Zurich was already awakened by loud fireworks in the early morning, activists drew attention to the war business in front of the Rheinmetall Defence plant with loud fireworks.


In Sweden there have been actions in Malmö, Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Stockholm against the companies SSAB, SAAB and SCANIA, all of which are involved in arms exports with Turkey.


In Catalonia, the headquarters of the company Indra was target of a protest in the evening to expose their cooperation with the Turkish state. A solidarity demonstration also took place in the Spanish capital Madrid.

Further actions and solidarity statements took place in Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria. In total, more than 20 actions took place in 12 countries.

Today, on the second day of the international action days, major demonstrations will take place in London, Basel and against Rheinmetall in Germany. There is also a demonstration in Munich against Mercedes, in Greece on the central Syntagma Square, in Canada and France. Ghedi military base is being blocked in Italy and actions are announced at the port of Bari.