Activists carry out civil action at SPD event in Stuttgart

Activists carried out a civil action at an SPD event in Stuttgart to condemn the Turkish use of chemical weapons and to protest against the federal government's silence on the attacks on Rojava and South Kurdistan.

Activists attended a meeting of the SPD in Stuttgart and drew attention to the ruling party's shared responsibility for the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria and South Kurdistan. The activists unfurled a banner reading: “Stop the chemical attacks on the Kurdish people!”and carried posters against the attacks on Rojava and flags with pictures of Abdullah Öcalan.

"Blood on Your Hands"

The activists recalled that Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) had spoken about the "joint fight against terror" at her meeting with her Turkish counterpart Süleyman Soylu (AKP). Under this slogan, the occupation of Kurdistan and the massacre of the Kurdish people would be supported. The activists concluded their statement saying: "We do not accept the cooperation between the SPD and Turkey. We unmask your true face. You too have blood on your hands!”