Activists from the Netherlands take over Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan vigil

The vigil held in front of the European institutions to demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, has been going on for almost twelve years. This week has been taken over by a delegation from the Netherlands.

A vigil for the freedom of the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan has been taking place in front of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) since 25 June 2012.

The 597th week of the vigil has been taken over by a delegation of activists from The Hague. Dr. Azad Badiki, Nazir Aranacak and Cemil Ürek composed the delegation.

The vigil is taking place in front of the CPT because the committee has a central function in controlling prison conditions on Imrali and only performs this to a very limited extent.

For almost three years there has been no sign of life from Öcalan, who has been imprisoned in Imrali since 1999.

“Öcalan's freedom is our freedom”

Badiki said: “We once again criticize the Council of Europe for its silence. We call on the CPT to stop this dirty conspiracy. We call on everyone to come here and support Kurdistan's struggle for freedom so that democracy on earth triumphs, humanity regains its dignity and can live a free life like it did 5,000 years ago. Come here and support Kurdistan's fight for freedom and let us turn a new page in these dirty 5,000 years of human history."

In order to implement this, the Kurdish representative Abdullah Öcalan must be freed said Badiki, adding: “We must put our commitment to fight for the freedom of our leader at the forefront of all our actions and activities. Because his freedom, his physical freedom, will not only be the freedom of the Kurdish people. It will be important for all peoples of the world who would be able to live freely.”