Activists in Berlin call for the UN to speak out against siege of Maxmur

Nure Alkış spoke at the action led by women in Berlin. She underlined the ISIS attack on the Yazidi people and women, and called on the United Nations to fulfil its responsibilities.

The siege attempt by the Iraqi state against the Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp in Maxmur was protested at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. The protest was organized by the Dest-Dan Women's Assembly.

The statement made on behalf of the European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E) called for "the fascist AKP government and the hegemonic powers in the region, to end the siege of Maxmur."

The statement continued: “These attacks on the people of Maxmur, who were forced into exile because their villages were burned, and because of the torture and pressure on the Kurdish people, and the depopulation policy of the Turkish state in the 1990s, are unacceptable. For this reason, we call on the Iraqi government to assume its responsibility and stop these attacks, as well as impose sanctions on the Turkish state. The Iraqi government must end the policy of siege and isolation in the camp.”

The statement continued: “The Kurdish people, no matter where they live, have not bowed to the policies of repression of the various states. They have developed their struggle and defeated these policies. Today, Kurdish mothers have changed the history that the governments want to write and have declared once again that they will not allow war in Kurdistan and that they will not give up on their country.”

Nure Alkış, spokesperson of the Yazidi Women's Councils Roof Organization (SMJÊ) said: “The people of Maxmur are resisting, and we salute this resistance from Berlin. Maxmur is under the responsibility of the United Nations. As Kurdish women, we call on the UN to fulfil its responsibilities. In 2013, the KDP left the people of Shengal in the hands of the ISIS barbarians. For thirty years, our people have been self-governing in Maxmur. No one can besiege Maxmur Camp.”