Activists in Bern and Aarau celebrate 15 August Initiative

Bern and Aarau celebrate the 36th anniversary of the 15 August Initiative.

The anniversary of the 15 August Initiative was celebrated with events held in some Swiss cities.


The 15 August Initiative was celebrated by Kurds at the picnic area of ​​the town of Ins. The action was promoted by CDK Bern, CDK Biel and CDK Fribourg Councils.

Photos of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and commander Egîd (Mahsum Korkmaz), the leader of the 15 August Initiative, as well as PKK, YPG, YPJ flags were hung on the celebration area.

Kurdish politician Metin Mintaş made a speech after the words by the regional council co-chairs.

Mentioning the importance of the 15 August Initiative in the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom, Mintaş drew attention to the need of ensuring the Kurdish National Unity against the denial and annihilation policies carried out by the Turkish state in the four parts of Kurdistan today.

The celebration ended with a call to participate to the 7th Sakine Cansiz Festival, which will be held in Zurich on 16 August.


The event to commemorate the 15 August Initiative was organized by the Aarau Kurdish Community Center. It started with a minute silence in memory of the martyrs of the freedom struggle. In addition to the Kurdish people, a delegation from the Swiss Socialist Party and the Green Party joined the celebration held in Schafisheim.

The CDK co-chair emphasized the importance of the 15 August Initiative.


Swiss parliamentarians reiterated their support to the just struggle of the Kurdish people against Turkish state fascism.

After the speeches, the celebration ended with a series of activities organized by the cultural commission.