Activists in Kiel protest Turkey's attacks on Kurds

Demonstrations continue all around the world in protest at Turkey's genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people.

The Turkish state's attacks on Kurdistan were protested in Kiel, Germany.

The isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and the anniversary of the Shengal massacre were also protested.

Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's photos as well as SDF, YPG, YPJ flags and banners in Kurdish and German were carried in the action, which was attended by Kurds, Germans and members of the Kiel Alevi Community.

Speakers reminded that the Turkish state attacked Kurdistan with every weapons but was met by the guerrilla resistance in Heftanin; "Guerrillas have defeated ISIS mercenaries in Shengal, and they will defeat Erdogan's mercenaries today."