Activists of the Long March call for support for earthquake victims

The Long March demanding the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan resumed in Germany on its fourth day.

The long march of the Kurdish youth movement for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan continued today in Reutlingen. While the activists witnessed provocation by Turkish fascists right at the beginning of today's stage, they did not let themselves be provoked and continued their demonstration with the slogan "Bijî Serok Apo" [Long Live Leader Öcalan].

On Tuesday, the evening programme of the long march included a memorial event at the Kurdish association in Böblingen for the internationalist Sarah Handelmann (Sara Dorşîn), who fell in a Turkish air attack in the Medya defence Zones in 2019.

Today, the demonstration focused on the earthquake catastrophe in Kurdistan, Turkey and Syria. The activists pointed out that the Turkish state is abandoning people, especially in the Kurdish areas. Calling on Kurds living in Europe to use all means to stand by the affected people, the activists said: "If we leave Kurdistan in this state to the fascist states, all the aid money will go to war.”

Today's route is 19 kilometres long and leads to Tübingen. Parallel to the youth march, an internationalist demonstration lasting several days is taking place in Switzerland. The end point of both long marches is the demonstration on Saturday in Strasbourg, which takes place every year on the anniversary of the deportation of Abdullah Öcalan to Turkey on 15 February 1999.