ADGB resumes campaign for Öcalan’s freedom

The European Democratic Forces Union (ADGB) continues its campaign to protest the conspiracy and isolation against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

In the wake of the series of Maraş-centered devastating earthquakes on February 6, the European Democratic Forces Union (ADGB) had suspended its campaign to protest the conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. In a written statement, the ADGB announced that they resumed the campaign.

The ADGB statement on Wednesday includes the following:

"Twenty-four years have passed since the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan was imprisoned in the Imralı Prison following an international conspiracy. The aggravated isolation and torture of Mr. Öcalan are a comprehensive attack against the Kurdish people's struggle for a free and democratic life and their existence as a people who have recognized Öcalan as the representative of their political will. Not only the Kurdish people, but also various communities and masses around the world are seeking a democratic and just world embodied by Öcalan's ideas. International conspiratorial forces wanted to prevent Öcalan from becoming the Kurdish people's passion for freedom.

The aggravated isolation on Öcalan is an attack and isolation against all resistance circles. Along with the isolation, repression is increasing in prisons, where revolutionary and patriotic prisoners whose releases are imminent, and seriously ill prisoners are murdered.

The goal of the attacks against prisoners is to secure their complete surrender and withdrawal from their revolutionary identities. Isolation and annihilation represent the basic policy of the state if full surrender is not possible.

The isolation implemented as a continuation of the international conspiracy continues to exist in an international character. As the isolation is managed by the capitalist modernity, the CPT and all international institutions continue to remain silent about the torture system in Imrali. Öcalan is deprived of all universal principles, rules and laws.

The Turkish state, which seeks to prevent Öcalan's voice from being heard by cutting off his connection with the outside world, has introduced a special isolation system in violation of all universal principles, and its own laws. There is no information available concerning his health and safety. The silence of the Council of Europe, the CPT, the ECtHR, the UN and all other international institutions in the face of this aggravated isolation reveals the international aspect of not only the conspiracy but also of the isolation.

Öcalan is the pioneer and leader of the struggle for democracy and freedom of the Kurdish people whose lands were divided into four parts by international treaties and whose identity was denied under the persecution of colonialist states.

We demand an immediate end to the international conspiracy which marked its 25th year on February 15 and its most important pillar, the 'international isolation'. All international institutions, especially the UN, the Council of Europe and the CPT, should play their role so that they do not become a party to this crime against humanity committed by the Turkish state.

We urge all international institutions, trade unions, political parties, democracy and human rights activists, in short, all 'forces of democratic modernity', to endorse the hashtag campaign to be held on April 3 and 4 under the leadership of the European Democratic Forces Union and Kurdish institutions.”


The list of organizations and institutions that contributed to the statement is as follows:

"1.Alternatif Karadeniz İnisiyatifi

2.Avrupa Demokratik Dersim Birlikleri Federasyonu (ADEF)

3.Avrupa Demokratik Haklar Konfederasyonu (ADHK)

4.Avrupa Demokratik Kürt Toplum Kongresi (KCDK-E)

5.Avrupa Devrimci Demokratik Komün İnisiyatifi (ADDKİ)

6.Avrupa Ezilen Göçmenler Konfederasyonu (AvEG-KON)

7.Avrupa Kürt Kadın Hareketi (TJKE)

8.Avrupa Türkiyeli İşçiler Konfederasyonu (ATİK)

9.Avrupa Devrimci Komün Meclisleri (ADKM)

10.Demokratik Alevi Federasyonu (FEDA)

11.Dersim İnşa Kongresi (DİK)

12.Avrupa Ezidi Koordinasyonu

13.İç Anadolu Kürtleri Platformu (PKAN)

14.Maraş Dernekleri Federasyonu (MARDEF)

15.Mezopotamya Halk Kongresi,

16.Mezopotamya Özgürlük Partisi (MÖP)

17.Nor Zartonk - Avrupa

18.Sosyalist Yeniden Kuruluş Partisi – Avrupa (SYKP Avrupa)

19.Xeta Sor

20.Yaşanacak Dünya

21.Yeşil ve Sol Parti Avrupa

22.Tevgêra GORRAN

23.Kongra Star (Rêxistna Jin Rojava, Bakur-Rojhilatê Sûryê) Europe

24.Partiya Zahmetkêşan – Başûr

25.Partiya demoqrat a Kurdiya sûrî( Rêxistina Europa).

26.PADÊ (Partiya Azadî û Demokrasiya Êzîdiya)

27.Tevgêrê Azadî

28.PYD (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat)

29.PÎK (Partiya islamiya Kurdistan)

30.KKP (Partiya Kominista Kurdistan)

31.Tevgera Kawa

32.PJAK (Partiya Jiyana Azada Kurdistan)

33.Yakyatî Şorşgêrî Kurdistan

34.KODAR (Civaka Demokratîk û Azada Rojhelatĕ Kurdistan)

35.KJAR (Civaka Jinên Rojhelatî Kurdistan)

36.Platforma Horam

37.Plattform Zagros

38.Plattform Yarsan

39.Yarî Kurd

40.Tevçand (Tevgera Çand û Hunera Kurd)

41.NAV YEK (Navenda Mal û Komelê êzdiyan)

42.Enstituta Kurdî – Almanaya

43.Enstituta Kurdî – Bruksel

44.MŞD (Meclîsa Şingal a Derveyî Welat)

45.YMK (Yekîtîya Mamostayên Kurdistan)

46.YES (Yekitiya Êzdiyên Sûri)

47.Dachverband der Êzidischen Frauenräte

48.Mezopotamya Halk Kongresi.

49.KNK (Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê )

50.Kurdische Gemeinde Stuttgart e.V

51.Deutsch Kurdische Forum e.V."