After Shengal, mass graves in Samawah to be unearthed

Following the unearthing of mass graves in Shengal’s Kocho village, the mass graves in Samawah, Iraq will be unearthed next.

Thousands of Yazidis were massacred and buried in mass graves after the ISIS attack on August 3, 2014. It has been years since the massacre, but there are still thousands buried in mass graves.

In efforts led by Iraq and the United Nations (UN) officials, mass graves in Shengal’s Kocho village were opened on March 15.

After 4 months of efforts, the mass graves were emptied. Efforts will begin tomorrow in Iraq’s Samawah province to unearth 3 mass graves.

Iraqi officials announced that the third phase in the unearthing of mass graves in Kocho were completed and 94 bodies in total were removed.

Kurdistan Regional Government Anfal Martyrs Ministry Spokesperson Fuad Osman said: “In March 2019, images surfaced from the mass graves in Iraq’s Semawe province. Afterwards a group went to visit the province and discovered the mass graves in Samawah during their inquiries. We had to postpone works on the graves because the efforts in Shengal were still underway. We will start the works in Samawah tomorrow.”