AKP continues with the fraud, French election observers detained

AKP-MHP's election fraud and unlawfulness continues. Two election observers from France and IHD administrators were detained.

The AKP-MHP coalition continues with election fraud, all the while resorting to detentions. There have been irregularities and detentions in Ağrı, Erzurum and Iğdır.


A two-person committee of election observers from France and their translator were detained at the police checkpoint by the entrance of Ağrı.


In Erzurum center and the Tekman district, Human Rights Association (IHD) members on a mission for the association to observe the election Yavuz Karabudak, Sertaç Öztürk and Erdal Özakçıl were detained.


In the Zor, Gülpınar and Islam villages of Iğdır's Karakoyunlu district, AKP administrators voted in the open. When the people and the officers in the school protested, the AKP members were removed from the premises and the openly cast votes were cancelled.

Unstamped votes were discovered in the Halfeli district.


AKP Parliamentary Candidate Necip Nasir and AKP Youth members arrived at the Çimetaş Elementary School in Bornova in a convoy and battered the HDP members who protested. There are policemen with long barrel rifles in the front yard of the school.


In the Akçakale district's Bolatlar and Vize neighborhoods voters are not alloved to vote for any other party but the AKP, and are not given the voting slip and the stamp to vote in private. They are forced to vote in the open.


The ballot chair in the ballot no.1353 Erzurum Şair Nefi Middle School has confiscated the reports.


Three Italian journalists were detained in Amed's Lice district as they were reporting on the elections.