AKP-MHP fascist mob gathers outside the HDP headquarters for provocation

A fascist mob consisted of AKP-MHP members stormed the HDP headquarters in Ankara under police surveillance. With Turkish flags in their hands, the AKP-MHP fascists insulted and threatened party members.

While HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Co-Chair Mithat Sancar's parliamentary group meeting continued, a group of AKP/MHP fascists gathered in front of the party headquarters in Ankara, carrying a banner and black wreath on behalf of the Police Veterans and Martyrs' Families Foundation (EMŞAV). The fascist mob with Turkish flags insulted and threatened party members under the supervision of the policemen.

While some reporters of pro-government media outlets also joined the fascist group, the police surrounded the party headquarters with armoured vehicles and protected the group. One of those in the fascist mob uttered threats, saying, “Be careful, we may show up suddenly one night.”

Party members reacted to the fascist mob and HDP supporters protested the group by singing a Kurdish election song and applauding. Feleknas Uca, HDP Deputy Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Commission, reacted to the policemen after the mob left.

 “You brought in these people, you did it,” Uca told the policemen.