Almost 200 people drowned off the Libyan coast in September

Alarm Phone reports the death of 190 people in September off the Libyan coast.

In the month of September almost 200 people drowned off the Libyan coast. The EU states are systematically trying to prevent any kind of sea rescue and are deploying lifeboats. As a result, many of those seeking protection drown or are dragged back to private prisons by the Libyan coast guard. Even merchant ships are made difficult to rescue shipwrecked people. The freighter Maersk Etienne, for example, was not allowed into a port until after more than four weeks at sea.

Alarm Phone: Fortress Europe demonstrates deadly violence

In a statement about the balance of deaths off the Libyan coast in September, NGO Alarm Phone said: “Once again, hundreds of people have died in the Central Mediterranean Sea over just a few days, and once again European authorities keep silent. Once again, those who survived are alive only thanks to the efforts of local fishermen who rescued them. And once again, Fortress Europe has demonstrated its deadly violence against people seeking to cross borders and find safety.

Between 14 and 25 September, Alarm Phone was alerted by hundreds of people who were in distress at sea. Whilts some of the people who reached out to us were rescued by Alan Kurdi, many others did not make it to Europe but were pushed back to Libya, and therewith to the war and torture they risked their lives to escape from.