Another prisoner dies in jail

Political prisoner Barış Keve died in a solitary cell in Malatya Akçadağ T Type Closed Prison, where he was held for a week.

Barış Keve (25), who was in Malatya Akçadağ T Type Closed Prison, died in a solitary cell.

The prison administration called Keve's family, who lives in the Çatak district of Van, at 10 pm, and claimed that Barış Keve committed suicide.

Upon the news of his death, his family set out from Çatak to Malatya.

Ilkkan Keve, Keve's older brother, stated that they last talked to Barış Keve on Friday, 16 September, and they did not sense anything negative.

Keve, who was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison, was detained in Edirne. It was learned that Keve, who was transferred to Malatya Akçadağ Prison 5 days ago, has been kept in a solitary cell for a week as a "disciplinary punishment".