At least 30 people detained in Urfa

The Turkish regime continues its political genocide operations against the Kurdish people and their elected representatives and the opposition.

Turkish forces have carried out house raids early this morning in the Urfa province that borders Rojava as Turkey’s preparations for an incursion into the North-East Syrian region continue.

At least 31 people were reportedly detained in the operation, among them HDP members, councilors, municipal employees and unionists.

Those detained in the operations carried out in Urfa city center include Eğitim Sen Union Urfa Branch Co-chair Leyla Mumin, SES Union administrator Hikmet Evin, HDP Provincial Youth Council member Ferit Tamğa and Harran University student Onur Atlı.

Those taken into custody in the districts of Urfa are as follows;

Birecik: City Council member Halil Sarıkaya and cancer patient Mahmut Korkmazer

Halfeti: HDP district branchco-chair Abdurahman Çiftçi, City Council member Naime Bayram

Suruç: HDP member Ahmet Yenilmez, municipal employees Mehmet Tuğalan, Mustafa Gündüzalp and two persons with the initials V.A. and M.G.

Viranşehir City Council member Kemal Kudin, Burhan Gören, Fatma Silgir

Ceylanpınar: Fatma Aslan, Şeyhmus Dağtekin

Siverek: Mehmet Kültür