Basque movement Askapena expresses solidarity with Kurdish people

The Basque movement Askapena expressed solidarity with Kurdish people.

On November 19th, Turkey carried out a new attack on Kurdish people in Rojava and South Kurdistan, using the war on terrorism as an excuse once again.

The Basque movement Askapena expressed its solidarity with the Kurdish people in a statement. "Even if these NATO member  attacks are constant," - said the statement - "it is clear it has made a step forward in its aim of taking control of the area, especially taking into account the dimension of the attack and the weaponry used on it."

Askapena underlined that "for years Turkey has been pressing and attacking this area, and as the Kurdish liberation movement denounces, since 2021 chemical weapons are being used. This last attack, inevitably, has to be understood as a new one on this criminal record.

Since the very beginning, Askapena has been underlining that the main aim of Turkey is to take control of the Middle East and become the power in the area, especially when its weakness is growing in the middle of a deep internal economic and political crisis."

The statement added that "Turkey has the autonomy and the capacity to strengthen links and develop closer relations with the US, avoiding any kind of clashes with it. In addition to this, it is important to notice that a big part of the European capital (among those is the capital located in Euskal Herria – Basque Country) is using Turkey to keep up with commercial exchange with Russia despite the sanctions imposed on it."

Many protests have been organized by the Basque internationalist movement these last days in solidarity with the Kurdish people and supporting its liberation process. In all of them, said the activists, "Turkey’s role and fascist being, as well as NATO’s involvement and support, were denounced."