Berlin Conference for a new Turkey ends today

The two-day conference for a democratic Turkey will end today in Berlin.

The conference brought together artists from ethnic groups, journalists, politicians and academics who worked around the need for a "Social Contract for a democratic Turkey”.

Today the conference is expected to end with the communication from the various work groups and a final statement contaning reccomendations. 

The conference, chaired by journalist-writer Hayko Baghdad, began with speeches by KCKD-E co-chair Yüksel Koç and deputy chair of the European Confederation of Alevi Associations M. Ali Çankaya.

Koç said the conference came about because people want to live in a democratic and fair country. 

The preparation process involved 69 organizations and 234 people who got together to propose solutions for the problems of Turkey.

Can Dündar, Latife Akyüz, Prof.Dr. Dr. Ahmet İnsel, Hatip Dicle, Professor Eser Karakas, Berivan, Ergun Babahan, Gokay Akbulut and Turgut Öker joined the panel titled ‘Social Contract Perspective’ chaired by peace academic Baris Sustam. The panelists made various suggestions on how to build a state of law.

‘We should provide instead of whining and complaining’

Journalist in esile Can Dündar said that they have been waiting for such a meeting for a long time. “After 17 years, we finally come together in such a large meeting. "I do not want to waste your time explaining the actions of the government in Turkey” Dundar said adding that the purpose of the conference should be suggesting solutions rather than whining and complaining.

Stating that it is necessary to work for over a period of time Dundar drew attention to the need for a road map. Dündar suggested the setting up of a website and television station.

Professor Dr. Ahmet Insel drew attention to the importance of rebuilding confidence in Turkey. H

Berivan Aslan, a former member of the Austrian Parliament, spoke about the Erdogan regime's threat to Europe. 

Left-wing member of the German federal parliament, Gökay Akbulut said that AKP-MHP fascism would only be destroyed by building and working on a Third Way. 

Kurdish politician Hatip Dicle pointed out to the frightening similiraties between Erdogan and Hitler.