BMG: The only way to get rid of fascism is common struggle

The United Struggle Forces pointed out that the only way to get rid of fascism is the common struggle of all workers and the oppressed.

The United Struggle Forces (BMG) launched a three-month campaign under the motto "Emancipation can only be achieved through revolution against hunger, fascism and occupation".

In a written statement concerning the campaign, the BMG raised concern over hunger, surging prices, unemployment, housing problems and femicides, noting that a large part of society has a future anxiety.

The statement pointed out that the sovereigns resorted to more pressure and "tyranny" because they had nothing left to offer to workers and society in general.

“The fascist state resorts to terror, war and occupation. Disproportionate use of force by the police, arbitrary bans and special censorship laws have become prevalent in order to stifle oppositional voices and struggling forces. Even the mothers who are fighting for the release of sick prisoners are subjected to police violence. Insisting on policies of war and occupation, fascism attacks all oppressed people with bare force, regardless of their nationality. They are trying to prevent Turkish and Kurdish workers, Alevis and women from walking side by side, shoulder to shoulder and struggling together.”

The statement continued, “The only way to get rid of fascism is the common struggle of all workers and the oppressed. Our hope will grow as we expand the resistance and struggle in the streets, as we bring oppressors to account, and as we lay claim to our own future.

A genuine emancipation of the oppressed and workers is possible through fighting fascism and putting it as a whole into the dustbin of history. We call on all the oppressed to fight with the awareness that revolution is the only way towards the emancipation of workers and nature.”