Bodies of killed soldiers lie in hospitals

40 corpses of soldiers of the Turkish army have been lying for months in the state hospital in Hakkari, while in the military hospital in Bilican near Çukurca there are far more than 100 corpses. The smell of decay is spreading.

The AKP/MHP regime is doing everything to conceal its own losses. Hundreds of bodies of killed soldiers of the Turkish army are lying in hospitals in Çukurca and Hakkari. The bodies were taken from the Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) by helicopters to the Hakkari Mountain Forces Command Brigade, Fatih Barracks and bases along the border. Afterwards, the dead were taken by ambulances to the morgue of the Hakkari state hospital and to a field hospital in the village of Bilican on the border and left there. According to reports, there are more than 40 bodies in the state hospital in Hakkari and more than 100 bodies in the field hospital between Çukurca and Hakkari. As some of them have been lying in the morgues for several months, the decomposition process has begun and an intense smell of decomposition is spreading. People who visit the hospital for treatment confirm the bestial stench.

A village guard reports that at least 60 Turkish soldiers died in one night, saying that he can testify to this himself. But the state has announced that only one major was killed in the battle. According to the People's Defence Forces (HPG), at least 2,132 Turkish soldiers were killed in the first five months after the beginning of the Turkish attack on the Medya Defence Zones.