Boy, 15, beaten twice for telling about police violence

15-year-old F.Ç. told Mezopotamya Agency about the violence he was subjected to and the threats made against him should he not become an informer while he was in custody in Adana.

15-year-old F.Ç. was exposed to police violence because he refused to become an informer. He was beaten both at the police station and children's branch.

The prosecutor's office that took the statement of F.Ç. sent him to the Criminal Court of Peace on the same day, demanding his arrest.

F.Ç. was released on bail.

F.Ç. said he was stopped by the police in the Denizli District of Seyhan, Adana.

The police insulted him and asked him why he had spoken to MA about what happened to him while in custody. He was battered again and as a result of the assault he ended up with an eyebrow split.