British police officer dismissed over racist comment on Kurds

A disciplinary panel found police officer guilty of gross misconduct and orders his dismissal from the Metropolitan Police.

During a march in London organised by the British Kurdish People's Assembly on 14 August 2016, demanding Freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, British police was accused of displaying a racist approach and sued.

Policeman Marcus Tyson addressed Kurdish activists with racist and hostile language, saying things like “This is my country, you can't tell me what to do in my own country.”

The British Kurdish People's Assembly sued the police officer who was suspended during the investigation.

Two and a half years later the sentence was pronounced.

The disciplinary panel on Wednesday said it was satisfied that the behaviour of police officer Tyson amounted to gross misconduct and that the only outcome for the office was dismissal without notice.

The trial was held on Wednesday. Panel chairwoman Luisa Cieciora ruled that the police officer’s behaviour was unacceptable and that he had abused his position.

Cieciora described the attitude of the police as “disrespectful, ugly and racist.”