Kurdish youth call for increased resistance for Rojava in Europe

"As Kurdish and internationalist youth, we have to raise our voices everywhere in Europe and everywhere. Only when we fight can we succeed."

Kurdistan youth organizations Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger (Revolutionary Youth Movement) and Jinen Ciwanên Azad (Free Young Women), active in Europe, vowed resistance against the Turkish state's plan to invade Rojava.

The statement by the two youth organizations said that; "The fascist AKP/MHP bloc is at a dead end and, with its colonialist mindset, seeks a way out through the occupation of Rojava. This fascist alliance wants to destroy the values ​​of the Kurdish people and plans their attacks accordingly."

The Erdoğan government is experiencing a process of disintegration and is using the invasion of northern Syria as its last available trump card, according to the Kurdish youth organizations. "What the ISIS and other Islamist groups have failed to do, the Turkish state now wants to complete it with an attack on Rojava now. This attack will mean the end of the fascist AKP/MHP bloc."

The US and all other foreign powers should not assume that Rojava will be left to the fascists, the statement continued. "The Kurdish people and the peoples, who have joined the paradigm of a free life, will not stand idly by the occupation, but will fight. This resistance will not be limited only to Rojava."

The two organizations called upon the Kurdish youth and the internationalists who believe in building a free life in Rojava to manifest the "spirit of uprising for Kobanê" on the streets of Europe.

"As Kurdish and internationalist youth, we have to raise our voices all around Europe and everywhere else. Only when we fight can we succeed."