Catalonia and Madrid account for 75% of new coronavirus cases

The Spanish State continues to ease the coronavirus lockdown rules, while Catalonia and Madrid register 75% of the new coronavirus cases.

According to the latest figures from the Spanish Health Ministry, 75% of new coronavirus cases the past two days were diagnosed in Madrid and Catalonia. Indeed, on Wednesday 174 out of the 231 new infections, were registered in the two communities.

As to the source of the new infections, doctors said there could have been transmission among asymptomatic cases who have been able to maintain “networks within the family and the workplace.”

According to health officials, as the Spanish state continues to ease the coronavirus lockdown rules, these cases have likely led to new outbreaks, like those seen in the Catalan province of Lleida and the south eastern region of Murcia.

In Catalonia, the outbreak was traced to a birthday party which was attended by 20 people, despite the lockdown limits on social gatherings. Four of the guests had Covid-19 and ended up infecting the rest of the partygoers.