Ceremony for 'Honorary Citizenship' award for Öcalan in Pinerolo

A ceremony was held in the Municipality of Pinerolo, Italy that awarded Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan with 'Honorary Citizenship'.

With an unanimous vote on May 7, the honorary citizenship of Pinerolo was conferred on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The document of honorary citizenship for Öcalan has been submitted during an official ceremony in the municipality, attended by representatives from Kurdistan Information Bureau, Kurdish Society of Italy and Kurdistan Friendship Committee of Italy.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of Municipal Council extended their tanks to those who put forward this proposal and gave efforts for this decision. Remarking that Öcalan is giving a struggle for the existence of his people, the President of Municipal Council said; “Öcalan’s struggle and commitment left a huge impact on me.”

Speaking after, Mayor Luca Savai said; “Our decision might offend some but it was made with the joint approval by three separate groups that make up council members elected with the will of Pinerolo people.”

Rezan Sarıca from Asrın Law Office also attended the ceremony, where he said; “We just wish Öcalan himself could receive this award here today”. Sarıca put emphasis on the aggravated isolation imposed on Öcalan and the importance of solidarity with the Kurdish people.”