Children of Fire set fire to many vehicles and workplaces

Children of Fire Initiative announced that they set fire to many vehicles, a petrol tanker ship and a factory, which “belonged to the fascists” in multiple cities of Turkey.

The Children of Fire Initiative released a statement including the details of their latest actions. According to the statement, the initiative set fire to “many vehicles and workplaces belonging to anti-Kurd fascist enemies” in Istanbul, Bursa, Antep, Çorum and Izmir provinces.

Expressing that they will avenge the hostility against the Kurds, the initiative announced that they set fire to Derman Shoe and Leather factory belonging to “the AKP members” in Antep on July 10; a petrol tanker “belonging to the fascists”, which was anchored in Maltepe-Istanbul and many vehicles belonging to “fascist members of AKP and MHP” in Bursa, Izmir and Çorum on July 9.