CHP leader calls for withdrawal of the appointment of trustee to Hakkari Municipality

CHP Chairman Özgür Özel reacted to the usurpation of Hakkari Municipality and demanded the withdrawal of the appointment of a trustee.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) Chairman Özgür Özel made a statement on his X account after Hakkari Co-Mayor Mehmet Sıddık Akış was dismissed and replaced by a trustee this morning.

“We reject the fact that an operation was carried out against Hakkari Municipality in the morning hours, the mayor was detained and a trustee was appointed on the grounds of a lawsuit that had been launched 10 years ago and is still ongoing,” the CHP leader said.

Özel defined the appointment of a trustee in the place of the democratically elected co-mayor as “ignoration of the will of the people of Hakkari, which was manifested only 2 months ago”.

“The appointment of a trustee must be withdrawn. We are on the side of democracy and the will of the people and against the trustee mentality.”