Citizens of Kirkuk condemn 15 February International Conspiracy

Citizens of Kirkuk condemned the 15 February International Conspiracy and said that the thoughts of Kurdish people's Leader Abdullah Öcalan have spread all over the world and that his physical freedom must now be ensured.

The Kurdish people's Leader, Abdullah Öcalan, was abducted and handed over to the Turkish state on 15 February 1999, as the result of a conspiracy by international forces. Speaking on the 24th anniversary of the International Conspiracy, Kirkuk citizens said that Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom should be ensured.

Underlining that the Turkish state imposes an illegal isolation against Kurdish people's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, a citizen named Xeyriye Hesen said: "All international institutions and organizations remain silent in the face of the torture against Leader Öcalan. However, these institutions should address the issue with Turkey within the framework of international law. Our leader has reached the point where, according to international law, he cannot stay in prison."

Condemning the 15 February International Conspiracy, Goran Mihemed said: "The enemies of the Kurdish people do not want the Leader's freedom. The person who could solve the crises and problems in the region is Mr. Öcalan. He is the key to solving the problems of the Kurdish people as well as the other people of the region. Mr. Öcalan fought for freedom and justice. The 'Jin Jiyan Azadi' resistance that emerged in Iran and Rojhilat today is a result of Mr. Öcalan's struggle. 'Jin Jiyan Azadi', means that society cannot be free without the liberation of women. The freedom of Mr. Öcalan, who is the leader of a people, must be ensured."