Civil disobedience action for Rojava at Marseille airport

An action of civil disobedience took place in solidarity with Rojava at Marseille airport. The participants were internationalists and activists of the Kurdish youth movement.

At Marseille airport, the Turkish Airlines counter has been blocked in a civil disobedience action in solidarity with Rojava. In addition to activists of the Kurdish youth movement TCŞ (Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger), several internationalists were also involved in the protest.

The action took place in the context of the international campaign #BoycottTurkey and was directed against the war of aggression of the NATO partner Turkey and its jihadist auxiliary troops in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The activists held up banners with inscriptions such as "Defend Rojava" and "Don't let Erdogan's occupation of Rojava" and read a statement. Passengers were asked not to travel to Turkey because tourism is an important source of income in the Turkish state’s war against the Kurdish people. The activists then moved in front of the Turkish airline's office and continued their protest outside the airport premises.