Collective reading of texts about the Kurdish liberation movement in Paris

Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm will be debated on Friday 19 January at the Kurdish Democratic Center in Paris.

What does women's liberation mean in the Kurdish movement? What does internationalism mean? These are some of the questions that will be debated on Friday 19 January at the Kurdish Cultural Center Ahmet Kaya in Paris. Activists will read texts from the Kurdish liberation movement, based on the ideology proposed by Abdullah Öcalan.

In the invitation to join the discussion, the organizers wrote: "The Kurdish movement fights for a liberated life, for a world in which all human beings can live in a communitarian way without being oppressed by the state and patriarchy. The Turkish state has been trying for decades to physically eliminate the Kurdish people and wipe out their culture, their language and everything that constitutes them. Kurdish society is resilient and a bringer of hope for the whole world."

The organizers added that "the Rojava Revolution, where the Kurdish people of Northern and Eastern Syria liberated themselves, gives us the concrete conviction that a path other than the capitalist system is possible."

Underlining that Abdullah Öcalan, thinker of the Kurdish revolutionary movement, has been imprisoned in solitary confinement in Turkey for almost 25 years, deprived of any means of communication with the outside world, the organizers said that "this confinement isolates his political ideas from their realization within a peace process and a solution for the Kurdish people. Despite this, his writings and political philosophy spread throughout the world. His ideas have inspired intellectuals, free-thinkers, scientists, workers, activists, artists, trade unionists, social movements, politicians, families, and even entire societies."

The event will take place on Friday, 19 January, at 4 pm at Ahmet Kaya Kurdish Cultural Center (16, rue d’Enghien).