Conference against the criminalisation of the Kurdish movement

The Legal Aid Fund AZADÎ is organising a regional conference in September in Hanover together with Kurdish associations against the criminalisation of the Kurdish movement in Bremen and Lower Saxony and the Kurdistan Solidarity.

At the latest since the struggle for Kobanê in Northern Syria and the genocide of the Yazidi community in Shengal (Sinjar) in Northern Iraq in 2014, the Kurdish question has been on the international agenda again. The lack of cultural, political and social recognition and the war against their struggle for self-determination, however, have been driving Kurds to flight for decades. There are about 1.2 million Kurds living in Germany, many of them in Bremen and Lower Saxony. Those who are committed to a solution of the Kurdish question are also criminalised here: Bans on symbols, raids on private homes and associations, strict regulations for meetings, investigations and court cases.

With a regional conference, the legal aid fund AZADÎ, BIRATÎ Bremen and NAV-DEM - Democratic Society Centre of Kurds in Hannover want to discuss the criminalisation of the Kurdish movement and Kurdistan solidarity in Bremen and Lower Saxony and jointly develop counter strategies.

The event, whose cooperation partner is the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Lower Saxony, will take place on 27 September 2020 in the Cultural Centre Pavilion at Lister Meile 4 in Hanover. The conference starts at 11 a.m., admission is from 10 a.m.

The programme and further information is also available at  This page provides advance information on corona protection measures at the conference. All participants are requested to wear mouth and nose covers on arrival.

Supporters: Antifascist Action Lüneburg/Uelzen, Buntes Haus Celle, Ermittlungsausschuss Hanover, Refugee Council of Lower Saxony, Ronahi Women's Council in Hanover, Green Youth of Lower Saxony, Interventionist Left of Hanover, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of Lower Saxony, ROTE HILFE Bremen, ROTE HILFE Hanover, YXK/JXK Hanover