Court of Appeal finds killing of Kemal Korkut 'faultless'

The court of appeal overturned the decision to pay compensation to the family of Kemal Kurkut, arguing that there was no fault in the killing of the young boy.

In the lawsuit filed by the family of university student Kemal Kurkut against the Ministry of Interior on the grounds of "fault in service", the decision for material and moral compensation of 256 thousand TL was overturned.

Kemal Korkut was killed by the Turkish police during the Newroz celebrations in Amed in 2017.

The 3rd Administrative Trial Chamber of the Regional Administrative Court in Antep reversed the compensation decision of the 3rd Administrative Court in Amed, finding the administration responsible and faulty, to the detriment of the family.

The appeal argued that Kurkut's murder was "within legal limits".

Claiming that Kurkut was an "aggressive activist", the appeals party claimed that "(...) It is concluded that there is no service fault that can be attributed to the Administration".

The appeal, arguing that "the administration had no fault in the security service" in the incident, decided to reject the claim for compensation.