Courts send 8 people to jail in DTK case in Amed

Within the scope of the DTK investigation, 8 of the 16 people who were transferred to the courthouse today were remanded in custody.

43 people were detained by police following house raids on 26 June, as part of an investigation launched by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in line with the information and documents obtained in the raid of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) on 9 October 2018.

16 people, whose procedures have been completed at the Diyarbakır Police Department TEM Branch, were transferred to the courthouse today.

Rosa Women's Association executive Rojda Barış, KESK General Assembly member and TUM BEL-SEN member Ayten Tekeş, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Diyarbakır Branch Board member Arin Zümrüt, lawyer Berdan Acun, Fatma Bülbül, Velat Esin, Ömer Baran, Nesrin Şanlı, Hüseyin Kaya, Adem Firik, Mehmet Şengül, Aytaç Duymuş, Piran Başkurt and Ümran Baturay were sent by the prosecutor's office to court with the request of arrest for allegedly “being members of an illegal organization”. Aynur Aktar and Zekiye Yılmaz, on the other hand, were referred to the judge with the request of judicial control measures.

Fatma Bülbül, Berdan Acun, Adem Firik, Velat Esin, Aytaç Duymuş, Ömer Baran, Zekiye Yılmaz and Aynur Aktar were released under judicial control measures, while Ayten Tekeş, Arin Zümrüt, Rojda Barış, Nesrin Şanlı, Piran Başkurt, Hüseyin Kaya, Mehmet Şengül and Ümran Baturay were remanded in custody on charges of “being a member of an illegal organization”.