Dangerous game played by the KDP in Bradost

The KDP, which cooperated with the Turkish state, reportedly tried to bring the people of the region to put them up against the PKK.

A group of members of the KDP faction of the Kurdistan Region Parliament visited the Bradost region Saturday morning, RojNews reported.

The group reportedly held meetings with Sidekan district executives and local people.

KDP delegation allegedly told people,  to take action against the PKK and Eastern Kurdistan forces.

According to the news, the KDP parliamentarians tried to get people to react against the PKK saying that the reaon why Turkey and Iran are bombing the area is because of the PKK presence.

At the time when the people of Bradost are preparing to take action against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, the KDP played such a game.

The people of the region were expected to march against the occupation on Friday after the Friday prayers. However, the people were blocked by the regional forces. The KDP wants the people to take an attitude against the PKK, not against the Turkish occupation.

KDP Parliamentarian Erşed Hisên Lolani personally welcomed the invading Turkish soldiers in the village of Bermize on 1 June 2018 and showed him around the village. Lolani was later elected parliamentary member of the KDP in the parliamentary elections on 30 September.