Declaration by PKK and PAJK prisoners: We'll continue our protest

PKK and PAJK prisoners issued a joint declaration on the isolation imposed upon Kurdish Peoples’ Leader Abdullah Ocalan and said they will continue their protest until their 7 demands are accepted.

Deniz Kaya issued a declaration in the name of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and PAJK (Free Women’s Party of Kurdistan) prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan. The declaration includes the following:

“Newroz has become the victory of peoples resisting tyranny, and tells the story of resistance victory with a great wave of enthusiasm as it heralds for the people the spring, and insurrection, success and resistance as the spring. Kawa’s hammer smashing the mind of tyrannical dictators has become the name of the people of Newroz demanding to live free and equal in their insurgence against tyranny, oppression, pillaging and genocide. The enthusiastic celebration of Newroz has given a clear message to the genocidal fascistic dictatorial regimes that we never gave up our resistance. Because the people of Newroz have emerged from the grasp of genocide and found their identity through resistance. Today on the eve of Newroz, as a people and a movement we embrace Newroz with great enthusiasm and greet hope and victory with the people of Newroz and their resistance. Our Leader’s words that the PKK ‘is a party of Newroz’ shows PKK’s significance for the peoples. The conditions for our party PKK to emerge came at the grips of fascism, and managed to maintain its social aspect through defeating the difficult consciousness. We remember our Newroz martyrs from our first Newroz martyr Mazlum Dogan who was immortalized with the motto ‘surrender leads to treason pacifism to defeat resistance to victory’, to comrades Zekiye Ronahi and Berivan. We celebrate Newroz for our Leader, our valiant martyrs, our people and our guerrilla comrades in the resistance in their person. Newroz both heralds the coming of spring and creates fear in genocidal fascistic regimes.

The phenomenon of resistance that is the content of all noble beauty that our struggle for freedom has uncovered has ensured in all milestones of the peoples living democratic and free. As such, the history of our resistance and its dialectical philosophy of development don’t accept bowing down to fascism and don’t shy away from realizing the longing of peoples for democracy and a free life anywhere, any time with great dedication.


We as the PKK and PAJK prisoners in Turkey and North Kurdistan will continue with our resistance with determination to end the absolute isolation imposed upon our leader by the fascistic regime and ensure his free working and living conditions. At the stage we’re at, the AKP-MHP government has no more legitimacy as they trample the laws they put in place and engage in practices that don’t comply with any lawful norms to keep our Leader under isolation. The Republic of Turkey’s understanding of justice and law has been shaken to the core under the AKP-MHP rule and has lost its independence. As such, we who are engaged in such a resistance would like to announce that we have decided to boycott the AKP-MHP-s courts and we will not be attending hearings. It is known that we have had no concern for courts during the action period, and we have continued our protest even if we did go on. So, even if we are taken to hearings by force, we will not be submitting defenses. Whatever the price may be, we will continue our hunger strike resistance. The glory of our resistance has surpassed the walls of dungeons and courts, and we have put forth our legitimate demands and our stance as we resist this unjust practice.

The only way for Turkey to emerge from the chaos and crisis at this point is through the solution of the Kurdish issue and the democratization of Turkey. And  that is possible through taking Leader Apo as a negotiation partner and launching a true solution process. In this framework it is imperative for Leader Apo to be in possession of good health, security, and free working conditions. It should be understood clearly that meetings for a solution have to be held under suitable conditions, including house arrest and leaving Imrali.


The isolation imposed upon our Leader shows that a concept of absolute annihilation and genocide is in place. The only way to break this concept is to end the isolation imposed upon the Leader. So we as PKK and PAJK prisoners continue our indefinite non-alternating hunger strike protest with determination. In the end, the points to be declared below regarding the isolation must be actualized at once and guaranteed to be continuous.”


The prisoners listed the following demands:

“1- Our Leader having regular meetings with his family and tutelar is a legitimate right and this right must not be hindered.

2- Our Leader must be able to meet regularly with his lawyers, uninterrupted.

3- Our Leader must be able to have phone calls with his family as per current laws, and send letters or faxes anywhere without hindrance as well as receive correspondence, uninterrupted.

4- Our Leader must be able to use radios and televisions daily, and be provided with all newspapers, journals, books, etc. he requires, uninterrupted.

5- Our Leader must be able to meet regularly with others in Imrali, uninterrupted.

6- Our Leader must be able to receive medical attention regularly by independent committees and his healthy living conditions must be ensured.

7- Obstacles on the path of our Leader playing an active role in the peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue and the democratization of the Middle East must be cleared and his free living and working conditions must be ensured.

All these demands have their place in legal norms and there is no obstacle to them being implemented. If the current government stops creating obstacles and take steps to implement the above mentioned steps and to perpetuate them, witnessed by observers, we will declare that we end our hunger strike protests to the public, witnessed by intermediaries and observers. If not, our resistance will continue as long as the isolation imposed upon our Leader continues. The AKP-MHP government is responsible in the case of any martyrdoms. All our people and the public should know this to be as such.”