"Defend Kurdistan" campaign calls for large-scale demonstration in Düsseldorf next Saturday

The "Defend Kurdistan" campaign is calling for a large-scale demonstration in Düsseldorf next Saturday. "Defending Kurdistan means defending the revolution!" is the slogan.

Under the slogan “Defending Kurdistan means defending the revolution!” the “Defend Kurdistan” campaign is calling for a large-scale demonstration in Düsseldorf next Saturday (25 June). Participants from all over Europe are invited to protest together in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital against the Turkish occupation and the use of chemical weapons.

The campaign writes on its website that there is a war going on in Kurdistan that has received little attention. Kurdish society and the Kurdish freedom movement are currently confronted with the most extensive military attacks in decades. Despite this, the Turkish state could neither break the resistance of the guerrillas nor the solidarity of the local civilian population.

“The Turkish state is expanding its invasion attacks against Kurdistan day by day. Since 14 April, Turkey has been using all kinds of weapons against South Kurdistan, including chemical weapons. Now it is preparing to invade Rojava,” the call reads.

This is an attack on self-government and its values ​​of democracy, women's liberation and ecology and thus an attack on everyone who represents these values, says Defend Kurdistan, adding: "Stand with us against a renewed war of aggression against Rojava! Let's defend Kurdistan and the revolution together!"

No war - No fascism!

The Defend Kurdistan campaign, which has been carrying out actions against the war and for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question and the conflict in the Middle East in general since the attacks began in 2021, has chosen not to remain silent during this historic period of resistance to watch.

The appeal by Defend Kurdistan is aimed at all democratic people and invites everyone to take a united stand against the Turkish state's war of aggression in Kurdistan on June 25 in Düsseldorf.

Meeting point: Elisabethstraße (underground station Graf-Adolf-Platz) from 10 am

Final rally: Rheinpark Golzheim, at the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge

More information about the demonstration and the work of Defend Kurdistan can be found on their website: www.defend-kurdistan.com