DEM Party members detained for distributing Newroz leaflet in Istanbul

Several people, including DEM Party Kadıköy district co-mayoral candidates, were detained by the police in Istanbul.


Members of the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Istanbul Provincial Organization, who meant to make a call for participation in the Newroz celebration in Kadıköy on 21 March, were prevented by the police.

The party members were set to distribute a leaflet highlighting the meaning and importance of Newroz for the peoples of the Middle East and Mesopotamia. The group who wanted to proceed while reading the leaflet was stopped by the police in front of Süreyya Opera House on the grounds that they were not allowed to read the text.

DEM Party members were blockaded by the police despite the fact that there was no ban on the leaflet.

While DEM Party members were kept under blockade, a detention vehicle was brought to the area. Many people taking part in the leaflet distribution action were taken into custody, including DEM Party Kadıköy co-mayoral candidates Nimet Çelebi and Veysel Eski.