Democracy Vigil in Van: Only peace can save this country

HDP MP Sürücü described the current state of affairs as a chaos and pointed out a peace solution to the Kurdish question as the way out.

The vigils for democracy launched by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Amed, Mardin and Van in protest at the removal of elected mayors and appointment of trustees to the three metropolitan municipalities, continued on day 24.

The sit-in action in Van continued in front of the HDP İpekyolu district offices with the participation of HDP deputies, Human and Freedoms Party Leader Mehmet Kamaç, Peace Mothers, Free Women’s Movement (TJA) members and many residents who managed to overcome the police blockade set to prevent people’s participation in the protest.

Making today’s press statement, HDP Urfa MP Ayşe Sürücü vowed that they would continue their struggle against the seizure of municipalities to the very end.

Recalling that one of the justifications highlighted for the appointment of trustees to HDP-run municipalities was cited as the co-presidency system, Sürücü said women condemned this excuse and would continue to reclaim this system to the end, describing it as their red line.

Sürücü recalled that one of the first targets of the trustees appointed to HDP municipalities was the achievements of women, which eventually ended up with the closure of women’s shelters even.

“The closure of such institutions has forced women to return to the places where they were subject to torture. The goal of the trustee system is to restrict life for women and society. Mr. Öcalan called on the State to take a sincere step as he stated that he was ready to ‘solve the Kurdish question within a week’. The response of the State was to appoint trustees to three metropolitan municipalities within a week.”

Sürücü described the current state of affairs as a chaos and pointed out a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question as the way out. “Mr. Öcalan is the sole addressee for an honorable peace. We call upon the government, once again, to abandon their policies of trustee and seizure of will, and to start a new process with Mr. Öcalan for the solution of the Kurdish question and an honorable peace. Only peace can save this country.”