Demos against Turkish threats all over Europe

The Kurdish people and their friends reacted to the attacks and threats issued by the Turkish state against Rojava and took to the streets in many European cities.

Many actions were held on Monday all over Europe to protest the threats issued by Turkey to invade the Northern and Eastern Syria Federation.


In Paris the action was organised from a call of the Rojava resistance committee consisting of representatives of French Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-F), French Democratic Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-F), ACTIT, SKB, FEDA and French institutions. Hundreds of Kurds and their friends joinedthe protest.

AVEG-Kon co-chair Zeynep Birsel Ocak and KCDK-E council member Murat Ceylan made a short speech. In the speeches, it was stated that the Kurdish people will resist the occupation with the spirit of Kobane.

The action ended with a call to join the demonstration planned in front of the European Parliament in Brussel on Wednesday at 1 pm.


Reacting to the possible attack on Rojava by Turkey, Kurds in Marseille organized an action in front of the Governorate and the US Consulate.

The action ended with a call to join the demonstration to be held today at 2 pm in front of the European representation in the Marseille region.


In the city of Rennes too the Turkish state threats were protested. Zin Women's Association and the Democratic Kurdish Society Association organised an action in Colombiya Square.

Kurds and their friends marched from here to Republique Square.


In the Swiss cities of Bern, Biel and Basel Kurds took to the streets to protest the threats issued by Turkey against Rojava.

Arin Mirkan Women came together in front of the central train station in Biel. 


Kurds and their friends gathered at Waisenhausplatz in Bern led by the CDK.

"The Turkish state - said activists - is targeting the gains of the Kurdish people."


The threat of occupation of Rojava and North-East Syria issued by the Turkish state was protested in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Kurds and their friends gathered in front of the Dutch Parliament.

Greens party Den Haag councilors Serpil Fire and Haagse Stadler Patij municipal councilor Fatima Faid gave their support to the action.