Detained HDP politicians refuse to eat

The HDP members detained in the latest wave of political genocide in Turkey, are refusing to eat.

Deputies of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) made a statement to the press in front of the Police Directorate of Ankara after the detention period for 20 detained officials of the party has been extended for four more days earlier today.

Speaking here, HDP Batman MP Necdet İpekyüz said: “An unlawful and political decision has been made today. Our friends have been in custody for four days without knowing the reason of their detention. Our friends in custody are subjected to a hostile law, from the detention conditions to food intake. They are even faced with torture and mistreatment. They are even faced with problems with meeting their lawyers and nutrition.”

İpekyüz announced that the detained politicians have started to boycot eating, adding; “Procedures for our arrested friends must be finalized immediately. We condemn the circumstances they are subjected to.”