Diplomacy traffic between Taliban and the West intensifies

The new Afghan regime will hold talks with US and EU officials in Doha in an attempt to break the diplomatic isolation in the international arena. Several other Western countries have also met Taliban officials in recent days.

The Foreign Minister of the Taliban regime, Amir Khan Muttaqi, announced at a press conference in Doha, the capital of Qatar, that he would meet EU representatives on Tuesday.

“We are having positive meetings with representatives of other countries,” Muttaqi said.

 “We want positive relations with the whole world. We believe in balanced international relations. We think that such a balanced relationship can save Afghanistan from instability,” the Afghan minister added.

EU spokesperson Nabila Massrali stated that the meeting will be held in Doha and will include US representatives.

“There will be an informal meeting at the technical level. It does not seek to recognize the interim Afghan government,” Massrali said.

According to the EU spokesperson, the meeting will address issues such as freedom of movement for the Americans and Europeans who want to leave Afghanistan, access to humanitarian aid, women's rights and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for "terrorist" groups.

EU Foreign Policy High Representative Josep Borrell said in a statement that the EU is seeking to prevent the "collapse" of Afghanistan in the first place. “We cannot just look and wait. We need to act and be quick,” he added.

The new regime in Afghanistan came to power in August. No country has yet recognized the new government. However, the diplomacy traffic has intensified in the face of a serious humanitarian crisis.

Last Saturday, Taliban officials held their first talks with American officials in Doha since the Taliban takeover of the country. The Afghan Foreign Minister urged Washington to establish "good relations" and "not try to weaken the current government".

Last week, senior Taliban officials also met Simon Gass, the British special envoy for Afghanistan, in Kabul.

Furthermore, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry announced that a German delegation held talks with Taliban representatives in Doha on Monday.