Dossier on Maxmur submitted to the UN office in Bonn

Cologne/Bonn Women’s Council submitted a dossier on the embargo on Maxmur and Turkish attacks against southern Kurdistan to the UN office in Bonn.

A group involving members of the Cologne/Bonn Women’s Council and KCDK-E (Europen Kurdish Democratic Society Congress) Co-chair Yüksel Koç staged a demonstration in front of the United Nations (UN) Representation in the German city of Bonn Tuesday afternoon.

A delegation representing the Kurdish group submitted a dossier to the UN officials informing about the embargo imposed on Maxmur Refugee Camp and the occupation attacks of the Turkish state.

Unfurling a banner which read “freedom for Kurdish people”, demonstrators carried banners condemning the embargo and called for solidarity with Maxmur and Rojava.