Dozens taken into custody in Istanbul

During the raids carried out on many houses in Istanbul, torture was experienced, and many people were taken into custody.

A new police political operation was carried out in the boroughs of Esenyurt, Esenler, Maltepe, Pendik and Kağıthane in Istanbul on Tuesday morning. It was learned that the police used violence during home raids. In addition, the police tortured a family in Esenyurt. It was reported that after the police scattered around all the belongings during the search of the house, they hit the back, arms and legs of the people in the house with batons.

Those detained were taken to the Istanbul Police Department in Fatih. However, clear information on the number of detainees could not be obtained.

A 24-hour ban on lawyers’ visits was imposed on those in custody.

Among those taken into custody are: "Şahin Özyıldırım, Rıza Kaplan, Nesim Özkan, Nureddin Aydoğan, Helin Akman, Alattin Altıntaş, Erkan Talaş, Şükrü Güler, Umut Delil Aksoy, Devran Kurt, Resul Gedlec, Melike Akman, Mizgin Akman."